An Unconventional Garage

Yiya runs an unconventional Innovation Garage EVENT at RANLab

At the end of April, the Yiya team traveled to Kampala to facilitate the 18th Innovation Garage at the ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) Lab. We took the Garage participants through a very hands-on workshop where they learned about the engineering design process, got to brush up on their knowledge of basic electronics, and built their very own bicycle-powered cell phone charging systems!

RAN staff and Garage participants (and our Yiya team!) all had a great time at the event. This event provided a valuable opportunity to demo Yiya's innovative teaching methodology, which is designed to keep learning engaging, relevant, practical, and always very hands-on!

Great feedback from participants AND RAN STAFF

The Yiya-run Garage event was profiled both in the Makerere University News and on the RAN website; these institutions called the session facilitation "unconventional," "memorable," "insightful," and "Engineering 101."

Many thanks to the team!

We are so proud of the Yiya team members who worked hard to showcase our Module #2 Pedal Power Engineering Challenge at this Innovation Garage event. Big shout-out to Samson, Marion, and Denis for representing us well at this powerful, exciting, and very interactive event!