Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives awards grant funding to Yiya!

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) overseen by the High Commission of Canada in Kenya provides direct funding assistance to local NGOs in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, and Uganda, for small projects addressing gender equality and women empowerment, democratic governance, climate change and environmental sustainability, as well as security and stability.

For over three decades, CFLI has supported small projects proposed and implemented by local NGOs and other grassroots organizations. This enables Canada to respond to local needs by working at the community level. Equally important, the CFLI serves to strengthen Canada’s relationships with civil society and local communities and to build networks of contacts in countries around the world. 

Yiya Engineering Solutions was awarded the CFLI grant because we address the identified needs of local communities and are consistent with Canada’s thematic priorities for international assistance. CFLI has recognized Yiya as an "accountable and sustainable project that fosters capacity-building, community development and empowerment."

CFLI has awarded funding to Yiya to finish prototyping, developing curriculum for, and implementing our Gravity Lights unit in Lira schools in 2018 Term 1. Gravity Lights support inclusive and green economic growth by using the power of gravity, leveraged through a system of pulleys and gears, to power reading lights for students to study by in the evenings. Gravity Lights can solve an urgent problem in Northern Uganda, where many households are not connected to the electric grid. Students often study at night using paraffin candles which are a fire hazard, emit polluting fumes, and produce dim light. Our team is hard at work prototyping the gravity light technology that will be the focus of this unit!

Many thanks to CFLI and the Canadian government for providing funding for our Gravity Lights unit through this generous grant!