Today is Bonus Day!

Hello Yiya friends! 

Today is the big day!

This is the day you can make your contribution to our end-of-year holiday crowdfunding campaign be twice as impactful! 

GlobalGiving will match ALL donations that we receive today, Dec 13th! 🎉🎉🎉

In addition, there is an extra financial bonus for the nonprofit that has the most donors contribute today! Every little bit helps; a donation of even $11 goes a long way in keeping the Yiya program running in our partner schools!

How will we use your donation?
Your donation today goes towards funding our program activities in 2018, when we will teach teachers and students in our partner schools in Northern Uganda how to design and build gravity lights (Term 1) and composting latrine toilets (Term 2)! Your generosity this holiday season will help our enthusiastic students continue to build their skills as engineer problem-solvers in their communities. 

Why are we asking for your support?
Northern Uganda is struggling to recover from decades of war, which has left depressed economies, scattered families, and intermittent violence. Many people live in extreme poverty and barely support themselves through subsistence livelihoods; unemployment stands at 83%!
Our Yiya team is working hard to provide hands-on, relevant, and high-quality science, engineering, and math education to schools in this region. Exposing students to an education focused on innovative problem-solving can be the difference between maintaining the status quo...or a neighborhood that develops into a vibrant and thriving community, full of opportunity.

Please #SupportYiya today!

...And remember, sharing this blog post link and info on our crowdfunding campaign is a huge way to support Yiya. Thank you, thank you!