MOUs signed with 6 Partner Schools!

With guidance from ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) and the Lira District Education Office (DEO), Yiya has selected six schools in Lira District for our pilot! We received program applications from 18 secondary schools in Lira and made selections to cover an even balance of male-female, income level, and urban-rural schools.

Our field staff worked hard this week to mobilize Head Teachers from these selected schools, get them to commit time slots and teachers to the Yiya Program, and coordinated signing of the MOUs. The six schools where we are implementing this pilot are:

  1. St. Katherine Girls School
  2. Leo Atubo Secondary School
  3. Bright Light College
  4. Archbishop Orombi Comprehensive Secondary School
  5. Rapha Girls School
  6. Lira Town College

Each school has committed 5 teachers and 40 students to participate in the Yiya program pilot. Welcome to these schools! We are so excited to be working with them to bring engineering education to secondary students in Lira!