Term 1 Attendance numbers are in!

We have concluded Term 1 teaching in schools, having just finished our first engineering module, Keep 'em Clean! Chemical Engineering: Hand Sanitizers.

We've crunched the numbers and are so excited to announce that all seven lessons of the Keep 'em Clean unit had great attendance from both student engineers and our partner engineering educators!


Attendance data summary:

  • All 7 lessons of the Clean Hands Engineering unit were taught in the 6 pilot schools.
  • The average attendance of Boys and Girls was 17 and 22, respectively.
  • The total average attendance of students in all lessons per school was 39 (our goal was to impact 40 students in each school).
  • Lira Town College had the highest average attendance at 42, followed by St. Katherine at 41!
  • Lesson 1 had the highest attendance at 40 students, followed by Lesson 6 at 39 students.
  • Of the 240 students participating in the pilot, 57% are girls and 43% are boys.
  • In Term 1, 21 teachers on average actively participated in the co-teaching of engineering lessons with Yiya in the 6 pilot schools (Note that our goal was to involve at least 24 teachers).

Average Attendance by Lesson

Average Attendance Per School

student gender split

Average attendance across all schools, by gender

Teacher gender split

Total participation of pilot teachers, by gender