Term 2 Begins!

Term 2 of the school year began last Monday, May 29th, and that means Yiya is back in schools! This term we are teaching our second engineering module, Pedal Power: Electrical Engineering (Bicycle-Powered Charging Systems).

In this unit, student-engineers will be encouraged to investigate how the problem of inconsistent power supply affects their community and creates challenges. They will learn that the principle of conservation of energy (which they have learned about in their physics classes!) can be applied to design a technology to tackle this community problem. Student-engineers will explore different electronic components, and create multiple prototypes of circuits that can power first LEDs and then eventually cell phones. Their final product will be a bike-powered charging system that can charge a cell phone, giving them independence from the electric grid!

This week we are teaching Lesson 1 in all schools. In Lesson 1, student engineers will identify the problem of inconsistent power supply and explore the ripple effects that this problem causes to their communities. Student engineers will be reminded, through an interactive game, that engineers are problem-solvers who fix challenges in their communities in creative and interesting ways, using their math and science knowledge. Student engineers will also explore the principle of conservation of energy and discover how energy is transformed from mechanical energy to electrical energy as they interact with a rotating dynamo!

We are so excited to be back in schools! It's going to be a great term!