Yiya Launches with Lira Head Teachers

The Yiya team held an introductory meeting with local Head Teachers in Lira to pitch the
tentative Yiya structure to them, using focus group discussions to collect their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on our proposed program pilot.

We had a strong attendance at this meeting, with attendance from Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, and Directors of Studies from 21 secondary schools in Lira! During the two-day meeting, we ran a number of hands-on intro to engineering activities to demonstrate our teaching methodology, explained the structure of our proposed pilot, and held focus group discussions to learn school leaders' perception of the current status of education in their schools.

Overall, Head Teachers showed a great interest in partnering with the Yiya program the following school year (beginning February 2017). Two main points of concern from Head Teachers about the proposed Yiya structure were that:

  1. Head Teachers felt it might focus too heavily on math and science and should be more inclusive of ALL subject areas.
  2. Head Teachers worried that the engineering topics would be most applicable to physical sciences and not make connections to life sciences, which students find most enjoyable.

The Yiya team plans to take these concerns into consideration as we draft our first engineering module: the clean hands unit!