Yiya Inter-School Competition & Showcase!

This past Saturday, 29 July, was the first ever Yiya Inter-School Competition & Showcase!

The day's program:

Teams of student-engineers and engineering educators from the 6 schools participating in our pilot showcased technologies they had worked hard to engineer in Term 1 and Term 2 of this school year! The two technologies showcased at the event were hand sanitizer and bike-powered cell phone chargers, with teams displaying a wide range of innovative prototypes for both!

 In addition to the technology showcase, the teams also participated in an on-spot hackathon-style engineering challenge to demonstrate their skills in engineering, math, and science. The on-spot challenge was to solve the problem of high crime rate at night due to darkness from lack of streetlights in Lira Town. Teams were challenged to follow the engineering design process to design a homemade battery that can power at least a light bulb.

the judges:

The judging panel was comprised of three officials from different organizations:

  1. Mr Benard Tabu, Physics Lecturer, Gulu University (Head Judge)
  2. Mr Kawagga Victor, Electronics Instructor, Oysters & Pearls Uganda
  3. Mr Julius Mpago, M&E Specialist, Lida Africa

The judging panel constituted of technical experts in the fields of education, electronics and evaluation. They each carried out an independent assessment of each of the teams’ technologies. Final scores were based on average scores from all the judges. Please find the judge's final report, compiled by the Head Judge: Judge's Report

special guests:

It was such an honor to have the Lira District Education Officer (DEO), Mrs Frances Offengi, attend the Yiya Inter-School Competition & Showcase as our Guest of Honor. In her remarks, the DEO commended Yiya for the job well done in empowering students with 21st century skills that are much tailored to the needs of the community today. She noted that Yiya’s innovation is very relevant in education and urged that the program be scaled to other schools! The DEO awarded certificates to the engineering educators from our partner schools in recognition of their training and achievements in project-based learning and engineering education this school year!

It was also a great honor to have the Lira District Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Abak Robert, attend this event as our Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker. In his speech, the RDC, who is also a former secondary school Head Teacher, expressed gratitude for the innovation that Yiya has come up with to solve the problem of lack of skills in students. He noted that this innovation is a good fit to augment the current national curriculum. The RDC thanked the Head Teachers, the teachers, and the students for embracing Yiya program in their schools and urged students to take the program very seriously if they are to get the best out of it.

The RDC also urged Yiya team to look for resources and ensure that they extend this program to other schools and districts.

As the main celebrant, the RDC handed over the trophies and awards to the winning schools!


The event was aired on the following local radio stations during the 7pm and 9pm news bulletin:

  1. Radio Wa (94.3fm)
  2. Radio Q fm (89.8fm)
  3. Radio unity (97.7fm)
  4. Voice of Lango (88.0fm)
  5. Radio Rhino fm (96.1fm)

The event was also featured in the Ruping newspaper, a local-language daily under the national publication New Vision! 

final ranking:

Rapha Girls School won gold in this competition! They impressed the judges, visiting guests, and community members so much with the quality and innovation displayed in their prototypes, as well as their quick thinking and strategic teamwork in tackling the on-spot challenge! Congratulations Rapha Girls! Lira Town College followed them in 2nd place, with Leo Atubo College in 3rd. The top three schools received trophies, medals, and materials kits to continue their engineering endeavors!

many, many thanks!!!

We are humbled by how much support the community gave to this first ever engineering competition and to the students showcasing their technologies within it!

So many, many, many thanks to the student-engineers, the engineering educators, the Head Teachers, our judges, the DEO, the RDC, all of our distinguished guests and visitors, the local media, our funders USAID, ResilientAfrica Network, and Makerere University School of Public Health, and of course to our hard-working and ever-creative Yiya team who worked tirelessly throughout the previous weeks to make this event such a success! Huge shout-out to Samson, Marion, Denis, Muzito, Victor, and Jacob for all your great work!!!