Yiya 2018 Term 1 Impact!

Exciting news on impact!

We have crunched the numbers from our Term 1 teacher and student surveys, which cover the period from February-April this year when our Yiya team co-taught the Going Green! Mechanical Engineering: Creating Gravity Lights unit with teachers in our partner schools. This unit taught the math and science of gears and pulley systems in a hands-on, interactive way as students researched, designed, prototyped, tested, and improved gravity lights to provide free, environmentally-friendly night time lighting in their communities! Our teacher and student impact surveys are administered at the beginning and end of each school term to participating teachers and students in our partner schools, as well as non-participating teachers and students (our controls) in the same partner schools!

Attendance Data

In Term 1, student attendance at the Yiya lessons was 90%. In this time, female students constituted 61% of students at Yiya lessons and male students made up 39%. Partner teacher attendance was 88%.

Student Academic Impact

On the baseline survey before participating in the gravity lights unit, 61% of students correctly answered the physics question by calculating the velocity ratio in a simple 2-gear system. On the endline survey, this number jumped to 100% of students answering this physics question correctly! So cool!

For the complex gear system question (which required students not only to calculate velocity ratio but also APPLY this knowledge to a system that had multiple gears), 0% of Yiya students answered correctly on the baseline survey... But on the endline, 83% of students got it right! This huge academic gain for students shows that engaging with the concepts in a hands-on way helps students to truly understand physics knowledge, and enables them to apply it in more complicated situations. We are pumped!

Yiya benefits for students

When asked what the most important benefit of the Yiya program is, 62% of students self-reported that the most important benefit was learning how to create technologies that help solve problems in their communities.

Yiya benefits for teachers

When asked what the most important benefit of the Yiya program is, 54% of Yiya partner teachers self-reported that the most important benefit was their increased knowledge in hands-on, interactive, and engaging teaching strategies. In addition, 90% of partner teachers requested that the Yiya program be extended to more teachers at their school!

We are so excited by these program results from 2018 Term 1 and look forward to seeing what new gains our teachers and students make this term, in Term 2! We are endlessly grateful to our hard-working Yiya field team, our passionate and dedicated partner teachers, and the generous support of the Yiya community which makes this program possible for our brilliant student-engineers! Thank you, thank you!