Launched competition prep activities!

The Yiya Interschool Engineering Competition season 2 is here! This week we have been in our partner schools in Northern Uganda pitching the competition and launching preparation activities. Our students are hard at work improving on the technologies they will showcase at the competition next term on October 6th, 2018.

This year, each school will showcase five technologies that they have designed to solve community problems. Four of the technologies have been developed through Yiya engineering units, and one is a technology of choice that each school is creating independently! 

Our field team has already shared the judging criteria with all participating schools and is supporting partner teachers and their students as they make preparations to ensure that the technologies schools are bringing will meet the Yiya judging criteria! Click here to see our judging rubric.

In even more exciting news, the hack-a-thon will be back at this year's competition! Schools will participate in an on-spot engineering challenge in the afternoon of the competition, after judges have reviewed their five technologies. In response to feedback from last year's competition, our Yiya partner teachers will be trained in early September on how to prep students for the hack-a-thon's test of on the spot creativity and teamwork. 

Please plan to attend this competition next term on Saturday October 6th, 2018 at St. Katherine Girls Secondary School in Lira District - Northern Uganda. More details to follow in the coming months!