Supporting our partner Oysters & Pearls - Uganda!

In January, we supported our partner Oysters & Pearls – Uganda as they ran a holiday technology camp in Gulu, Northern Uganda during the school break for secondary students. The camp was inclusive of sighted and visually impaired students. Both students and instructors came from all over Uganda to participate in this exciting camp, which covered robotics, prototyping, video game design, software development, website development, and assistive technologies for the blind.

The Yiya team worked to help prep instructors for the 2019 Tech Camp ahead of time (running trainings for them in both December and January) and then stayed on-ground at the camp to provide daily teaching support. We encouraged instructors to keep their technology lessons R-E-A-L: by having Relevant content, Energizing games, Active group work activities, and always keeping the classroom Learner-centered.

We were so excited to be able to support the instructors in this way and were very impressed at their openness to teach in innovative, hands-on new ways to ensure that they engaged all their students!