2019 Yiya kick-off meeting with Head Teachers!

Yiya meets with School Administrators!

In mid-February, we had a fruitful meeting with school administrators from our partner schools in Lira District. These administrators ranged from Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers and School Directors of Studies. This meeting with these key stakeholders was a great platform for us to get feedback on Yiya’s improved theory of change and our 2019 program model. We also discussed new changes in our MoU terms with partner schools, and we’re glad that by the end of the meeting, all of them renewed their commitment by consenting to our MoU terms!

In this blog, we share with you highlights from this action-packed, fun filled meeting!

Like all our workshops and meetings, we started this meeting with a team building game: the ‘amazing race!’ We did this activity with school administrators to show them an example of the activities we train their teachers to do with students in classrooms to make learning a joyful journey of discovery for students. Did you know that even school administrators enjoy fun games too? Yes they do! Just like the American TV series ‘the amazing race’, in which teams of people race around the world as they accomplish several fun challenges, school administrators accomplished a variety of STEM education tasks in this game. Activities included:

  1. Stating their favorite law of science!

  2. Designing a teaching aid to teach their chosen science law/theorem to a 5-year old

  3. Composing a song about that law of science

  4. Making a crown for their elected team STEM queen or king!

In this twitter thread here  we show you the different teams of school administrators during this amazing race activity, as they took part in all the amazing race challenges!

During the reflection session, Mr. Abong Levi from St. Katherine Secondary School commented that it can be so helpful when teachers play such games with students in classrooms to foster skills such as: creativity, collaboration, and communication skills as well as to help students master classroom content.

After concluding the amazing race, we took school administrators through the Yiya REAL teaching methodology and how it fits into the four components of our program model. Administrators were excited to learn that our main focus this year is improving on graduation rates by supporting teachers to teach better! They also suggested different ways in which the, as school leaders, will support our theory of change. Their suggestions included: allocating time on the school timetable for the Yiya STEM classes, sending their teachers to all Yiya workshops, sharing the attendance in both Yiya classes and normal school classes with the Yiya team, helping teachers to get materials and teaching aids for their STEM classes, and sharing UNEB results with us so we know the performance of students being taught by Yiya-trained teachers in their schools.

School administrators were also very excited about our newest innovation for quality teaching! The Yiya teaching checklists. This term we are piloting this idea in our partner schools. Please read our next newsletter to learn more about how we are using checklists to improve teaching. Sign up here to be updated on all news from Yiya.

Are you excited to see the rest of the activities that happened at this 2019 Yiya kick-off meeting with school leaders? Please find the agenda here.