Agricultural engineering unit! Teachers teaching it!

This term, Yiya-trained teachers in our partner schools are teaching students to use the classroom knowledge of science and mathematics to engineer a technology that solves a community challenge!  We gave an opportunity to our teachers to design an agricultural engineering unit that is aligned to the subject topics they teach at lower secondary. The agricultural technology that teachers are teaching will solve one of three common agricultural problems found in Northern Uganda: Destructive crop pests, long periods of drought, and post-harvest storage of perishable crop produce.  

Some of the technologies teachers have experimented with include: making a well formulated organic pesticide from certain plant extracts, designing a low-cost greenhouse that uses local materials, and mechanical water pumps! We are so proud of our teachers who worked to put in great effort to conduct the necessary research, design lessons, and conduct these lessons with students in their schools. Students in our partner schools are indeed experiencing what we at Yiya call “REAL” learning. Read here about our definition of “REAL” learning!

We are so grateful to our Yiya field team who are diligently supporting these teachers as they conduct their agricultural engineering lessons this term. Please come and see the students' final prototypes of these technologies at our annual Yiya Interschool Engineering Competition this coming October!