An amazing judging panel!

Thanks to our amazing judges!

The Yiya team would like to send a big heartfelt thanks to the experts who volunteered their time to judge the 2018 Yiya Interschool Competition & Community Showcase!

We are so grateful for their expertise, consideration, and the time they took to thoughtfully engage with all our student-engineers and teachers, viewing their prototype demonstrations and listening to them explain how their designs worked! They gave great feedback to students and helped them to raise the bar even higher!

Many, many thanks to the following guest judges:

Head Judge Richard Luuba

Richard is the Program Director at Educate!, an organization teaching entrepreneurship to students in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. He is passionate about providing opportunities to young people so they can improve their livelihoods and wellbeing!

Bright Light college students interact with judge Richard.JPG

Judge Victor Kawagga

Victor is the founder of Glocal Interactives and a star robotics instructor at Oysters & Pearls, a blind-inclusive STEM education program working in many regions of Uganda.

A student explains how they made their gravitylight.JPG

Judge Jacob Odur

Jacob is the Country Director at Oysters & Pearls, a dedicated robotics instructor, and a lifelong tech enthusiast!

ST. Katherine girls s.s show a judge how to make a bike powered phone charger (1).JPG

Judge Ntananga Phyllis

Phyllis is the Program Manager at Oysters & Pearls, a passionate programming instructor, and the Regional Coordinator for the Uganda branch of the international Technovation competition.

Judge phyllis with students of ST. Katherine.JPG

Judge Marion Arecho

Marion is currently studying at Makerere University to earn her Masters in quantitative economics. She is a part-time member of the Yiya team and a lifelong teacher!

Judge Marion.JPG