Exciting update on Yiya's impact!

When crunching the numbers at the end of academic year 2018 (the Ugandan academic year ends in November), we started to notice some interesting trends!

Our control students are beginning to show the same kinds of impacts as our Yiya students! Control students are students in our Yiya partner schools who are NOT participating in the Yiya classes. Over the past two years, these students have answered questions much differently than students participating in the Yiya classes. But on this latest survey, they started to show some similarities. We were puzzled by this until we started to dig deeper. Upon further investigation, we realized these control students are in classes taught by Yiya partner teachers...and when asked, Yiya partner teachers reported that their teaching styles are changing in ALL their lessons, not just the Yiya classes.

This is huge.

Through this process, we've realized our impact numbers are actually much higher than we had previous thought. Instead of impacting only the 300 students participating in the Yiya program, we have actually impacted over 3,400 students! These are the students taught by our Yiya partner teachers, whose teaching methodologies have altered drastically through their participation in the Yiya program!!!

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