Archbishop Orombi Secondary School

Lira Town College


identify THE Problem

In Lesson 1, student engineers identify the problem of inconsistent power supply and explore the ripple effects that this problem causes to their communities.

Student engineers discover that engineers are problem-solvers who fix challenges in their communities in creative and interesting ways, using their math and science knowledge.

Student engineers also explore the principle of conservation of energy and discover how energy is transformed from mechanical energy to electrical energy as they interact with a rotating dynamo.

Bright Light College

St Katherine Girls School

lesson 2

investigate & brainstorm

In Lesson 2, student engineers investigate the available technologies that have been designed to solve the problem of inadequate power supply in communities. They also learn the specific criteria and constraints that a successful charging system needs to meet.

Student engineers are introduced to the electronic components used in charging systems for signal and voltage regulation, and practice how to connect these components in a circuit on a breadboard.

Student engineers work in groups to brainstorm how they can use these components to meet the criteria of their technology, while working within the constraints.

St Katherine Girls School

Rapha Girls School

lesson 3

plan & create

By Lesson 3, student engineers deeply understand the community problem for which they are designing their technology. They have conducted investigations about the available technologies that are currently used to solve this problem, and they've brainstormed how to use the various electronic components to build their technology.

Now, student engineers work in their groups to dive deep into planning, making a detailed plan that all group members agree upon. They then use their plan to create the first prototype of the circuit for their bicycle pedal-powered charging system on a breadboard.

Leo Atubo College

Leo Atubo College

lesson 4

test & improve

By Lesson 4, student engineers are fully invested in the positive impact that their technology can create on the community. This lesson begins with student engineers sharing all the benefits that their bicycle powered charging systems can have on their school and wider community.

Student engineers test their first prototype of the bicycle-powered charging system and troubleshoot any issues that are coming up. They work to improve their designs as a team, in each group.